Light, sombre art

In my paintings, apart from my passion for the formal requirements, the manual skills and the composition, I devote a great deal of attention to spirituality, to energy work and, to be quite honest, mainly to myself. 

I believe that being aware of the preciousness of life, of our inner fire, of our beauty, can change the world. It ensures that we simply do certain things differently, living in more sustainable ways.

What is an artist?

To me, an artist is simply someone who earns his living through his art, or who at least produces art professionally day after day, even if he cannot live on it. In short, someone who devotes most of his time to art. Some people have found this statement very depressing; they have felt degraded, because suddenly they no longer saw themselves as artists, but felt that they were something inferior in my eyes.

The word artist is a term, however, and an artist is nothing greater or better than an art instructor or amateur painter. He is something different. A person who has turned art into his profession. Full stop, nothing more. 

My paintings

Painting is a way of encountering myself. With every picture, every composition, every idea, every sketch, and every time I continuing to work on a painting, I am put in touch with my own strengths, my weakness, my doubts, my conventionality, my differentness, my sense of not being good enough / not amazingly good.

Does what I am doing make any sense? Is it art? Is it really good? Was my rational mind too dominant, too deliberate?

Paintings reveal so many topics to us all and each of them, my friends, every single painting is a potpourri of many different heights and depths. What I enjoy, and what to my mind constitutes the real quality of my work, is my ability to work intuitively. That is my surfboard on the waves of painting.